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Who We Are

The Gardens of Niagara, Inc. (GoN) is a Canadian Cannabis holding company with a focused strategy on growing premium quality Cannabis, excelling in extraction and creating shareholder value via strategic partnerships and investments across the Cannabis industry.

All medical and retail customers will come to know us for our available, reliable & consistent products both in flower and extracts.

Currently in the Garden is Farmedica, a wholly owned, late stage applicant that will be the operations and have a focus on the medical patient and recreational markets with a focus on supplying patients/customers with a carefully crafted experience ensuring their care, treatment and experience are front and center.

Our Approach

Three Reasons to Consider Us:

All medical and retail customers will come to know us for our available, reliable & consistent products both in flower and extracts.

We grow, cultivate and distribute patient direct and wholesale high quality dried cannabis products (THC & CBD) with industry leading efficiencies and efficacies.

We provide unparalleled customer service accomplished through extensive IT automation experience and partnerships.

Our approach is simple.

To maximize patient, and business relationships by providing a craft cannabis product for medicinal and cannabis markets. How we do that is through these 5 steps:

  2. Providing products with UNIQUE GENETICS
  3. Staying on top of the market with TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES
  4. Adhering to the INDUSTRY BEST PRACTICES

Extraction Benefits

Predictable Effects

consistent end user experience

User Experience

effects comparable to smoking and vaping

Discrete Consumption

odorless and smokeless

Formulation Versatility

numerous end-user applications

Precise Dosing

ability to deliver exact measurable amount of cannabinoids

Cannabis Extraction Background

GoN is at the leading edge of extractions and custom cannabis solutions. With our expertise and experience in cannabis extraction, we bring our award-winning approach and a curated experience to a growing industry.


Of combined research experience


Published in peer reviewed journals


Of combined clinical experience


From top universities in the U.S. & Canada



*Additional patents pending/provisional

Our Difference

Products & Applications

Industries Served

Our Team

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